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Radwaste Solutions 2014

4 issues per year (online access only, 2003 to current issue)

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Radwaste Solutions is a bimonthly specialty magazine containing articles that discuss practical approaches and solutions to everyday problems and issues in all fields of radioactive waste management and environmental restoration.  Included is coverage of the generation, handling, removal, treatment, cleanup, and disposal of radioactive (including mixed) waste.  In the United States, this business is centered on four industry subsets:

1) Department of Energy’s (DOE) remediation of its weapons production and research facilities

2) Civilian radioactive waste activities-primarily, the Yucca Mountain Project

3) The management of operating waste at nuclear power plants and the decommissioning of nuclear power plants no longer operating

4) Nonpower, non-DOE activities

Also, coverage will include the major decommissioning work is under way at both civilian and government nuclear facilities in the United Kingdom and France. The cleanup and decommissioning of Japan’s severely damaged Fukushima plants over the next three decades will offer plenty of opportunities to develop new technologies to tackle the unknowns of those plants. And with several countries, most notably Germany, beginning to close down their nuclear programs in the wake of the Fukushima accident, nuclear power

plant decommissioning in Europe will become a major area of interest for this segment of the nuclear industry.

Annual editorial coverage includes: High-Level Waste/Spent Fuel, Low-Level Waste, Decontamination & Decommissioning. Additional topics covered: Environmental Remediation, Transportation, Utility Waste Operations.

Articles are contributed by people working with utilities and those involved in U.S. Department of Energy site work, in the medical, legal, university, consulting, and commercial areas, as well as from all levels of government.  Also included are articles on radwaste management programs and practices outside the United States, as well as perspective pieces by industry experts and letters to the editor, shorter thought-pieces, and articles on recent academic/technical advances detailing their immediate or planned practical applications.

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