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ANSI/ANS-41.5-2012: Verification and Validation of Radiological Data for Use in Waste Management and Environmental Remediation

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Scope: This standard establishes criteria and processes for verification and validation of radioanalytical data for waste management and environmental remediation activities. It applies to the independent review of the data generation process for field measurements and radioanalytical laboratories. This standard sets the requirements for how the data are reviewed and qualified against the data quality requirements [e.g., measurement quality objectives (MQOs)] that are established by the project to meet their intended use. While this standard does not specifically address all nondestructive assays and in situ measurements, the general principles and some of the elements of this standard may apply. This standard does not address nonradioassay measurement methods (e.g., inductively coupled plasma-mass spectroscopy, kinetic phosphorescence analysis, X-ray diffraction).

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