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Proceedings of the 7th International Topical Meeting on Nuclear Plant Instrumentation, Control and Human-Machine Interface Technologies (NPIC&HMIT 2010)

Las Vegas, Nevada (November 7-11, 2010)

Item ID: 700361 / ISBN: 978-0-89448-84-3


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The theme for the NPIC & HMIT 2010 meeting was "Nuclear Power I&C-HMIT: A Sure Bet for a Reliable and Green Energy Future." This reflects the critical role that I&C and HMI technologies play in the safe and reliable operation of nuclear power plants providing a dependable source of electricity around the world. In addition it points out the global role of nuclear power in reducing greenhouse gases from the generation of electricity leading to a "green" environment for ourselves and future generations.

This proceedings contains about 220 full papers with topics ranging from Digital I&C Issues, Regulatory Aspects of I&C in the U.S. and other Countries, I&C Needs of Small and Medium Modular Reactors, Advanced Surveillance, Diagnostics, and Prognostic Technologies and Applications, Current Concepts in Advanced Control Rooms, HFE Design and Analysis Tools, I&C Knowledge Management and Training, I&C Applications for Physical and Cyber Security, HFE Standards and Guidelines, Operator Training, Human Interaction with Automation, Human Performance Modeling in the Nuclear Environment, and Safety Culture and Human Reliability Issues.

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