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Water Chemistry and Corrosion of Nuclear Power Plant Structural Materials

V. G. Kritsky

Item ID: 690053 / ISBN: 0-89448-565-2

Hardcover / 1999 / 313 pages

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This book addresses structural material corrosion in coolant circuits, simulation of erosion corrosion of carbon and low-alloy steels, and simulation of stress corrosion.  It also discusses corrosion of copper alloys, zirconium corrosion, optimization of water chemistry at operating nuclear power plants, coolant tendency to deposit hardness salts on heat-transfer surfaces, and inspection of metallic components.  In addition, there are two appendixes, the first showing the chemical composition of steels, the second discussing solubility of iron, cobalt, zinc, and copper corrosion products under conditions simulating power unit water chemistry.

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