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Worldwide Integrated View on Main Nuclear Energy Issues

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Softcover / 1999 / 312 pages

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Recently published by the International Nuclear Societies Council (INSC), "Worldwide Integrated View on Main Nuclear Energy Issues" is now available to readers from the American Nuclear Society.  The information presented represents the unanimous position achieved by the 14 INSC member societies on each subject.

The 312-page book gathers seven selected issues that the INSC has been working on for the past two years and presents the common positions on those issues.  Coverage includes these important issues: nuclear safety, public acceptance, the nuclear role in the future, radioactive waste, nuclear nonproliferation, risk methods, and low doses.  Each of the subjects contained in "Worldwide Integrated View on Main Nuclear Energy Issues" provides a comprehensive description of the current status of the subject, as well as the trends for the future.

This collection of papers is directed not only to the scientific community but also to the institutions, governments, and politicians concerned with the subjects covered.

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