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U.S. Power Reactor Performance, 1992-94

E. Michael Blake

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1995 / 108 pages

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U.S. Power Reactor Performance, 1992-94, a significant expansion of the Nuclear News, May 1995, capacity factor article, takes the current three-year factor of each operating power reactor in the United States, compares it with every preceding three-year factor in that reactor's history, and presents the results in 204 graphs. Author E. Michael Blake, former senior editor of Nuclear News, includes graphs on each individual reactor, each multiunit plant, and each utility with more than one nuclear plant site, as well as 44 graphs on reactors grouped by type, size, age, and reactor vendor, separately and in combinations. For example, the graphs provide new insights into the performance of midsized boiling water reactors and large reactors more than 12 years old, among others.

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