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Radiological Assessment: Sources and Doses

Richard E. Faw and J. Kenneth Shultis

Item ID: 350020 / ISBN: 0-89448-455-9

Hardcover / 1999 / 681 pages

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The topics emphasized in this updated, reprinted textbook encompass one major aspect of radiation protection, radiological assessment, as well as a major aspect of each of the fields of health physics, medical physics, and industrial hygiene.  This textbook presents basic ideas and concepts in sufficient detail and in unified fashion to allow readers to gain a thorough understanding of the principles and techniques used in radiological analyses.  Although the principles of radiological assessment are emphasized, a relatively large amount of data is provided in the chapters and in the appendixes to allow the reader to perform a wide range of realistic calculations.  Most chapters in this textbook are supplemented with examples and exercises, and students are urged to study the examples and complete the exercises.

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