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Fabrication of Thorium Fuel Elements

Louis R. Weissert and Giancarlo Schileo

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Hardcover / 1968 / 208 pages

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This monograph is one in the Atomic Energy Commission Series on Metallurgy in Nuclear Technology. The monographs in this series, prepared by the American Nuclear Society for Metals under the supervision of Dr. Allen G. Gray, series editor, endeavor to disseminate information that will advance peaceful uses of atomic energy.

The expansion of nuclear power programs in many parts of the world makes the subject of this monograph particularly timely. Thorium, although readily available, is a major untapped source of energy. The potential of the thorium fuel cycle has been proved in several programs sponsored by the Atomic Energy Commission and private industry. However, cost barriers associated with the fabrication of fuel elements must be overcome to make the system competitive. This monograph presents comprehensive information on technology related to the fabrication of thorium fuel elements, including techniques, experience accumulated to date, and applications.

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