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ANSI/ANS-6.1.2-1999; R2009; W2013 (R=Reaffirmed, W= Withdrawn): Neutron and Gamma-Ray Cross Sections for Nuclear Radiation Protection Calculations for Nuclear Power Plants

Historical Standard, Superseded by ANSI/ANS-6.1.2-2013

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"R" in the numeric designation signifies that the 1999 standard was reaffirmed (recertified) as an American National Standard in 2009.  No changes can be made to a standard during reaffirmation. The "W" indicates that this standard is considered withdrawn and is no longer a current American National Standard. This standard was superseded by ANSI/ANS-6.1.2-2013.

This standard specifies neutron and gamma-ray cross sections and related group-averaged or derived data for the energy range and materials of importance in nuclear radiation protection and shielding calculations for nuclear power plants.

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