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ANSI/ANS-3.8.7-1998;W2008 (W=Withdrawn): Criteria for Planning, Development, Conduct, and Evaluation of Drills and Exercises for Emergency Preparedness

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This standard establishes criteria for the administration of a program of radiological emergency response drills and exercises in support of emergency preparedness at nuclear power plants.  The topics discussed in this standard are applicable to both exercises and drills unless specifically identified otherwise.  The standard addresses (1) types of emergency drills and exercises and the reasons for each (2) planning activities associated with drills and exercises, (3) development of scenarios for drills and exercises, (4) conduct of drills and exercises, and (5) evaluation of drills and exercises.  Simulator drills and exercises conducted as part of a larger emergency response exercise are within the scope of this standard.  Simulator drills and exercises conducted as part of licensed operator training, and periodic retraining, are not within the scope of this standard.

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