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ANSI/ANS-6.6.1-1987;R1998;R2007 (R=Reaffirmed): Calculation and Measurement of Direct and Scattered Gamma Radiation from LWR Nuclear Power Plants

Current Standard, Revision of ANSI/ANS-6.6.1-1979

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"R" in the numeric designation signifies that the 1987 standard was reaffirmed (recertified) as an American National Standard in 1998 & 2007.  No changes can be made to a standard during reaffirmation.

This standard defines calculational requirements and discusses measurement techniques for estimates of dose rates near light water reactor nuclear power plants due to direct and scattered gamma rays from contained sources on-site. On-site locations outside plant buildings and locations in the off-site unrestricted area are considered. All sources that contribute significantly to dose rates are identified, and methods for calculating the source strength of each are discussed. Particular emphasis is placed on 16N sources as they are significant sources of direct and scattered radiation for boiling water reactors. The standard specifically excludes radiation from gaseous and liquid effluents. The standard describes the considerations necessary to compute dose rates, including component self-shielding, shielding afforded by walls and structures, and scattered radiation. The requirements for measurements and data interpretation of measurements are given. The standard includes normal operation and shutdown conditions but does not address accident or normal operational transient conditions.

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