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ANSI/ANS-56.5-1979;R1987;W1997 (R=Reaffirmed, W=Withdrawn): PWR and BWR Containment Spray System Design Criteria

Historical Standard (Erratum Issued)

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This standard provides the design, performance, testing, maintenance, and instrumentation and control requirements for the containment spray system for boiling water and pressurized water reactor stationary electric generating plants. 

The containment spray system, consisting of a spray subsystem, serves to mitigate the consequences of a loss of coolant accident, a PWR Feedwater line or a PWR steam line break, by injecting a water spray into the containment atmosphere.  The containment spray system may be used to aid safety by performing one or more of the following functions: (1) Containment Post-Accident Pressure Suppression (2) Containment Post-Accident Heat Removal (3) Containment Atmosphere Post-Accident Fission Product Removal (4) Post-Accident Mixing of Containment Atmosphere (5) Post-Accident Containment Sump Chemistry Control.

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