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ANSI/ANS-19.3.4-1976;R1983;R1989;W1999 (R=Reaffirmed, W=Withdrawn): The Determination of Thermal Energy Deposition Rates in Nuclear Reactors

Historical Standard, Formerly known as N676

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It is the purpose of this Standard to provide criteria for:

(1) determination of the energy allocation among the principal particles and photons produced in fission, both prompt and delayed

(2) Adoption of appropriate treatment of heavy charged particle and electron slowing-down in matter

(3) Determination of the spatial energy deposition rates resulting from the interactions of neutrons

(4) Calculation of the spatial energy deposition rates resulting from the various interactions of photons with matter

(5) Presentation of the results of such computations, including verification of accuracy and specification of uncertainty

This Standard addresses the energy generation and deposition rates for all types of nuclear reactors where the neutron reaction rate distribution and photon and beta emitter distributions are known.  Its scope is limited to the reactor core, including blanket zones, control elements and core internals, pressure vessel, and the thermal and biological shielding.

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