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Radiation Damage of Nuclear Power Plant Pressure Vessel Steels

V. A. Nikolaev, I. Gorynin, N. N. Alekseenko, Am. Amaev

Price: $54.00 – $60.00

Item ID: 690051|1st Edition

Structure, Strength, and Radiation Damage of Corrosion-Resistant Steels and Alloys

A. M. Parshin

Price: $61.20 – $68.00

Item ID: 690050|1st Edition

A Vision for the Second Fifty Years of Nuclear Energy

Price: $24.30 – $27.00

Item ID: 690048|1st Edition

Water Chemistry and Corrosion of Nuclear Power Plant Structural Materials

V. G. Kritsky

Price: $60.30 – $67.00

Item ID: 690053|1st Edition

The Management of Low Level Radioactive Waste

Clarence J. Hardy

Price: $9.90 – $11.00

Item ID: 690049|1st Edition

Special Report on the Protection and Management of Plutonium

Price: $24.30 – $27.00

Item ID: 690047|1st Edition

Nuclear Power From Underseas to Outer Space

John W. Simpson

Price: $61.20 – $68.00

Item ID: 690042|1st Edition

A Dialogue on Chemically Induced Nuclear Effects: A Guide for the Perplexed About Cold Fusion

Nathan J. Hoffman

Price: $33.30 – $37.00

Item ID: 690041|1st Edition

Ex-USSR Uranium Raw Material Resources

Price: $25.20 – $28.00

Item ID: 690040|1st Edition

The Collected Works of Eugene Paul Wigner

Price: $68.40 – $76.00

Item ID: 690035|1st Edition

Controlled Nuclear Chain Reaction: The First 50 Years

Price: $22.50 – $25.00

Item ID: 690032|1st Edition

Conversations About Electricity and the Future

Edited by Albert David Rossin, Thomas K. Fowler

Price: $12.60 – $14.00

Item ID: 690028|1st Edition

Historical Perspectives: Dawn of the Nuclear Age

Price: $20.70 – $23.00

Item ID: 690016|1st Edition

Design Guides for Radioactive Material Handling Facilities and Equipment

Price: $48.60 – $54.00

Item ID: 690014|1st Edition

Glossary of Terms in Nuclear Science and Technology

Price: $32.40 – $36.00

Item ID: 690010|1st Edition

Continuing the Nuclear Dialogue

Alvin M. Weinberg

Price: $34.20 – $38.00

Item ID: 690009|1st Edition

Report of the Special Committee on Source Terms

Price: $71.10 – $79.00

Item ID: 690082|1st Edition

Atomic Complex: A Worldwide Political History of Nuclear Energy (Softcover)

Barry Goldschmidt

Price: $39.60 – $44.00

Item ID: 690008|1st Edition

Atomic Complex: A Worldwide Political History of Nuclear Energy (Hardcover)

Barry Goldschmidt

Price: $50.40 – $56.00

Item ID: 690007|1st Edition

Nuclear Power and Its Environmental Effects

Samuel Glasstone, Walter H. Jordan

Price: $31.50 – $35.00

Item ID: 690006|1st Edition

Fermi-I: New Age for Nuclear Power

Edited by Harvey A. Wagner, E. Alexanderson

Price: $45.00 – $50.00

Item ID: 690004|1ST Edition

Nuclear Energy in Germany

K. Winnacker, K. Wirtz

Price: $61.20 – $68.00

Item ID: 690003|1ST Edition

International Instruments for Nuclear Technology Transfer

Price: $75.60 – $84.00

Item ID: 690001|1ST Edition

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