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ANS-2.6, Guidelines for Estimating Present and Forecasting Future Population Distributions Surrounding Power Reactor Sites

Scope: This standard provides guidance on suitable methodologies for developing estimates and forecasts of human population distribution around civilian and Federal nuclear facility sites. The standard is intended to provide applicants and DOE/NNSA professionals with methodologies that are generally acceptable in the demographic community and to facilitate the NRC review of site suitability relative to population considerations.

ANS-2.22, Environmental Radiological Monitoring at Nuclear Facilities

Scope: This standard establishes criteria for use in developing and implementing an integrated radiological environmental monitoring program focusing on ambient air, surface water, and biota. It also provides criteria on the use of resultant environmental data collected near nuclear facilities to evaluate the impact of facility operations on the surrounding population and environment.

ANS-3.11, Determining Meteorological Information at Nuclear Facilities

Scope: This document provides criteria for gathering and assembling meteorological information at commercial nuclear electric generating stations, U.S. Department of Energy / National Nuclear Security Administration nuclear facilities, and other national or international nuclear facilities. Meteorological data collected, stored, and displayed through implementation of this standard are utilized to support the siting, operation, and decommissioning of nuclear facilities. The meteorological data are employed in determining environmental impacts, consequence assessments supporting routine release and design-basis accident evaluations, emergency preparedness programs, and other applications.

ANS-16.1, Measurement of the Leachability of Solidified Low-Level Radioactive Wastes by a Short-Term Test Procedure

Scope: This standard, ANSI/ANS-16.1-2003, provides a uniform procedure to measure and index the release of radionuclides from waste forms as a result of leaching in demineralized water for 5 days. The results of this procedure do not apply to any specific environmental situation except through correlative studies of actual disposal site conditions. The test presented in this standard has much in common with the original International Atomic Energy Agency proposal and has by now become familiar to those working in the radioactive waste-form development field. It contains the provisions published in the original version of this standard in 1986.

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