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ANS-2.8, Determining Design Basis Flooding at Power Reactor Sites

Scope: This document presents criteria to establish design basis flooding for nuclear safety-related features at power reactor sites. Methodology is described to evaluate the flood having virtually no risk of exceedance that can be caused by precipitation and snowmelt and any resulting dam failures; seismically induced dam failures; surge or seiche and attendant wind-generated wave activity; or a reasonable combination of these events.

ANS-2.9, Evaluation of Ground Water Supply for Nuclear Facilities

Scope: This standard provides criteria for the determination of the availability of ground water supplies for nuclear facilities with respect to both safety and non-safety related aspects.

ANS-2.17, Evaluation of Subsurface Radionuclide Transport at Commercial Nuclear Power Plants

Scope: This standard provides criteria for the determination of the concentration of radionuclides in the ground water resulting from both postulated accidents and routine releases from nuclear facilities.

ANS-2.18, Standards for Evaluating Radionuclide Transport in Surface Water for Nuclear Power Sites

Scope: This standard presents guidelines for the determination of the transport of radionuclides in surface water resulting from both postulated accidental and routine releases from nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities.

ANS-2.31, Estimating Extreme Participation at Nuclear Facility Sites

Scope: This standard addresses extreme natural site hazards associated with precipitation (rain, snow, ice and their combination) which are applicable to structures, systems, and components in nuclear safety-related facilities with probabilities of exceedence or return periods consistent with extreme design basis category wind, flood, and earthquake phenomena (i.e. ANS-2.3, ANS-2.8, ANS-2.26, ANS-2.27 and ANS-2.29).

ANS-2.32, Guidance on the Selection and Evaluation of Remediation Methods for Subsurface Contamination

Scope: This guidance would address how to determine whether or not to remediate subsurface residual radioactivity sources within defined hydrogeologic systems at nuclear facilities both for operational and decommissioning stages. This standard would build on ANS-2.17 and provide decision criteria for evaluating when, where and how to remediate subsurface contamination at nuclear facilities in accordance with risk and performance-based considerations. Specific guidance would be provided for identifying, selecting, implementing, and monitoring the efficacy of remediation methods.

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