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Nuclear Facilities Standards Committee (NFSC)

The scope of the NFSC consensus committee is as follows:

The Nuclear Facilities Standards Committee is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of standards associated with nuclear facilities, including radioactive waste management activities. The Committee's standards address siting, design, and operation of nuclear facilities as well as remediation and restoration of these sites. Excluded from this scope are standards for nuclear criticality safety, and training and research reactor facilities.

The NFSC is the result of combining two previous ANS consensus committees, the Nuclear Power Plant Standards Consensus Committee (NUPPSCO) and N48, Radioactive Waste Management Consensus Committee. The current committee scope reflects the full range of topics previously covered by both NUPPSCO and N48. To enact an effective consolidated committee, the NFSC restructured its committees to better serve its expanded scope. The NFSC oversees eight subcommittees, organized by topic:

  • Maintenance, Operations, Testing, and Training
  • Systems Design Criteria
  • Modeling and Analysis
  • Site Characteristics
  • Emergency Planning
  • Fuel Cycle, Waste Management and Decommissioning
  • HTGR Design Criteria
  • Advanced Initiatives

Executive Committee Documents

Full minutes with attachments provided to NFSC member upon request.

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