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Nuclear Criticality Safety Consensus Committee (NCSCC)

The NCSCC (formerly known as N16) is responsible for the preparation and maintenance of voluntary consensus standards for determining the potential for nuclear criticality of fissile material outside reactors, for the prevention of accidental criticality, for mitigating consequences of accidents should they occur, and for the prevention of nuclear chain reactions in activities associated with handling, storing, transporting, processing, and treating fissionable nuclides. The ANS Standards Committee Procedures Manual for Consensus Committees shall be used to guide the activities of this consensus committee.

The NCSCC oversees one subcommittee. This committee is Fissionable Material Outside Reactors (ANS-8). Taken from their scope, this committee aims "to establish standards providing guidance in the prevention of nuclear chain reactions in all procedures for handling, storing, transporting, processing, and treating fissionable nuclides."

NCSCC Membership Roster

Robert D. Busch (Chair), University of New Mexico
Larry L. Wetzel (Vice Chair), Babcock & Wilcox Nuclear Operations
Roger W. Bartholomay, URS Professional Solutions, LLC
Lawrence J. Berg, U.S. Department of Energy
William Doane, AREVA, Inc.
Robert S. Eby, AlChE (Employed by USEC, Inc.)
Calvin M. Hopper, Individual
Ronald A. Knief, Institute of Nuclear Materials Management (Employed by Sandia National Laboratories)
Thomas Marenchin, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
Scott P. Murray, Health Physics Society (Employed by General Electric Company)
William Shackleford, Nuclear Fuel Services, Inc.
Richard G. Taylor, INM Nuclear Safety Services
R. Michael Westfall, Individual
Robert E. Wilson, U.S. Department of Energy

NCSCC Documents


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