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Nuclear Technology, a journal of the American Nuclear Society, publishes review papers and unreported work on all phases of applications of fundamental research to nuclear technology. Authors are encouraged to submit complete papers or work summarized in the Transactions of the American Nuclear Society and in other proceedings. Concise versions of detailed reports of limited distribution will also be considered.

Nuclear Technology publishes technical papers, technical notes, critical reviews, book reviews, rapid communications, and letters to the editor. Technical notes report preliminary results, extensions of previously reported work, or complete results of limited archival value. Technical papers and notes, critical reviews, and rapid communications are reviewed for technical content. Rapid communications provide speedy publication, after accelerated review and processing at the discretion of the Editor, of innovative work of high quality and immediate interest to the NT readership. Letters to the editor provide an expeditious medium for comments for editorial policies and for discussions on the content of other contributions.

Author rights under copyright law are transferable to the American Nuclear Society. These rights, as well as author responsibility for protecting proprietary and third-party rights, are specified in the author-ANS agreement to be made before publication. All materials accepted for publication are protected by copyright obtained by ANS.

Authors are informed of the partial cost of publication - reflected in a page charge based on manuscript length. Manuscripts accepted by the editor are published without regard to page charge payment; however, this source of revenue is essential in maintaining the society's journal publishing services. Publication of manuscripts unsupported by page charge payment is necessarily limited, and some delay in presentation may occur. The currently estimated compensation rate for the author-related costs of publishing is $60 per published page if files are submitted electronically. Authors will submit these final files through Nuclear Technology's Editorial Manager page at

ANS technical journals cannot accept papers from countries that are on the list of Sanctioned Countries and Programs, issued by the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the U.S. Department of Treasury, as follows:

Journal Editor and Associate Editor

Dr. Andrew Klein, Editor, Nuclear Technology

Nuclear Engineering & Radiation Health Physics

116 Radiation Center, Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR 97331-5902

Telephone: 541-737-7061; Fax: 541-737-0480

All communications should be directed to: E-mail:

Dr. Gerald Rimpault, Associate Editor, Europe

CEA, Cadarache Center, DER/SPRC, Laboratory of Core Development Studies

Building 230, 13108 St Paul Lez Durance, France

Telephone: 33-44-225-7923; Fax: 33-60-888-9401

Electronic Manuscript Submission System

Submission of a manuscript implies that it is a new and original contribution that is not being simultaneously considered for publication elsewhere and that the authors have obtained the necessary publication rights.

Nuclear Technology uses an electronic submission and review system, Editorial Manager, for its journal submission system. Manuscripts are to be submitted electronically as either Word (or any common language, including TeX/LaTeX) or PDF files to:

If you are a first-time user: Go to and click on the word "Register" in the navigation bar at the top of the page and enter the requested information. Upon successful registration, you will be sent an e-mail with instructions to verify your registration. NOTE: If you received an e-mail from us with an assigned user ID and password, DO NOT REGISTER AGAIN. Simply use that information to log in. Usernames and passwords may be changed after registration (see instructions below).

If you are a repeat user: Please click the "Login" button from the menu provided at and proceed as appropriate.

Authors: Please click the "Login" button from the menu and log in to the system as "Author." You may then submit your manuscript and track its progress through the system.

To change your username and/or password: Once you are registered, you may change your contact information, username and/or password at any time. Simply log in to the system and click on "Update My Information" in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

Should you need any assistance with Editorial Manager or the submissions process, please email

Instructions for Manuscript Preparation

Authors should follow the guidelines below.
LaTeX users can download a LaTeX template.

Every paper must have an abstract. The abstract should be typed on a separate page (complete with the title and names of the authors). The abstract should not contain Reference citations. The abstract should be brief.
Authors should provide up to three keywords at the end of the abstract.
The text of a manuscript is to be organized into sections, with first-level headings (I., II., etc.) and second-level headings (I.A., I.B., etc.).
Manuscripts must be typed, double spaced, with wide margins and indented paragraphs. Each manuscript must have pages numbered and be complete with figures, tables, references, etc. The first page must contain the title, name and affiliation of each author, the name and complete mailing address of the person to whom proofs and the page charge invoice are to be sent, and a list of the total number of pages, tables, and figures. Please provide an E-mail address and/or a fax number. The second page of a technical paper and of a technical note must contain the abstract.
SI units are preferred; other units may be used, but consistency in the manuscript must be maintained.
Citations in the text to references shall be numerics strictly in order of their first appearance. Authors are referred to any recent issue of Nuclear Technology for formats. In particular, proceedings references must indicate the location and date of the conference, and references to reports must indicate the full name of the organization where the report was prepared. Also, authors are strongly encouraged to supply the full titles for the respective references. References must be listed in numerical sequence, double spaced, on a separate page.
Footnote citations in the text should be lower-case superscript letters. The notes themselves can appear at the bottom of the page or as a separate list of endnotes appearing at the end of the document. Footnotes in tables are also cited by lower-case superscript letters. These footnotes should be placed underneath the table.
Tables and Figures
Tables and figures should be designed to fit one- or two-column widths (85 and 173 mm, respectively). The height of lowercase letters should not be less than 1.5 mm after reduction; thus, a figure or a table that must be reduced to one-third its original size should have lowercase letters at least 4.5 mm high. Tables must be numbered in Roman numerals in the order they are called out in the text. A title must accompany each table. Authors are strongly encouraged to submit figures in a high-resolution electronic format. Preferred electronic formats for figures include TIFF (line drawings at least 600 dpi, halftone or grayscale images at least 300 dpi); EPS (with embedded fonts); Postscript or PDF (with embedded fonts). Lines and rules in figures should be at least 0.5 points (half-point rules) with an absolute minimum 0.25 points. Figures must be numbered in Arabic numerals in the order they are called out in the text. A descriptive caption must accompany each figure.

Color figures will be placed online in the journal without an additional fee (print version will still be black and white). For black-and-white (grayscale) reproduction of color figures, a test printing should be done in black and white (light blue, yellow, and green neon colors are to be avoided) to ensure that no information is lost when printed in black and white. Two sets of figures can be submitted: one set for black-and-white printing and one set for the online color version. These need to be clearly marked. Figure captions should avoid reference to color. Should an author want color in print, prepayment of the costs associated with color print will be required, after obtaining approval from the journal editor (current cost estimated at $525/page).
All mathematical equations should be carefully checked to ensure their correctness. Equation numbers should be Arabic numerals enclosed in parentheses to the right of the equation.
Proofs of all material except letters to the editor will be supplied. Proofs are to be read carefully and all printing errors corrected; however, alterations from the original text that cost more than 10% of the composition costs will be charged to the author.
Hard-copy reprints may be purchased at any time via our contact form.

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