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An Electrochemical Reduction of Uranium Oxide in the Advanced Spent-Fuel Conditioning Process

Sang Mun Jeong, Jin-Mok Hur, Sun Seok Hong, Dae Seung Kang, Myoung Soo Choung, Chung-Seok Seo, Ji-Sup Yoon, Seong-Won Park

Nuclear Technology / Volume 162 / Number 2 / May 2008 / Pages 184-191

Technical Paper / First International Pyroprocessing Research Conference /

The Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute is currently developing the Advanced Spent-Fuel Conditioning Process (ACP) based on a pyrochemical process. An electrochemical reduction process has been developed as a key unit of the ACP. In this work, an electrochemical reduction of U3O8 powder in a LiCl-Li2O molten salt has been investigated in an electrochemical cell with a unique cathode assembly, which consists of a porous magnesia membrane, oxide powder, and a solid electricity conductor. The experimental results suggest successful demonstration of this process, exhibiting a reduction conversion of U3O8 of >99% for a batch.

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