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Influence of Self-Interstitial Mobility on He-Vacancy Cluster Nucleation and Growth in Nickel

B. Gámez, L. Gámez, M. J. Caturla, E. Martínez, E. del Río, J. M. Perlado

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 56 / Number 1 / July 2009 / Pages 314-317

Fusion Materials / Eighteenth Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy (Part 1) /

The presence of impurities could affect the results observed in pure Ni. In particular, impurities could interact with self-interstitial atoms, which are highly mobile, effectively reducing their mobility. In this work we study the influence of the mobility of self-interstitials on He desorption. The nucleation of He-vacancy complexes is studied depending on the mobility of these self-interstitials in terms of He to vacancy content as well as concentration of these complexes.

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