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Study of Charge-Exchange Neutrals Emission from Hot Plasma at the Multimirror Trap GOL-3

A. V. Burdakov, G. E. Derevyankin, V. S. Koidan, A. A. Shoshin, Yu. A. Trunev

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 47 / Number 1T / January 2005 / Pages 324-326

Technical Paper / Open Magnetic Systems for Plasma Confinement /

Tentative experiments on registration of the energy spectrum of fast charge exchange (CX) neutrals emitted from the high-density hot plasma of the GOL-3 facility were carried out. Experimental data provided by used 5-channel CX neutrals analyzer are presented and the procedure of determining of the energy distribution of registered CX neutrals is discussed. From calculated data of the neutrals energy distribution the estimated temperature is 1.5 ± 0.5 keV.

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