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Chapter 1: The FTU Program

C. Gormezano, F. de Marco, G. Mazzitelli, A. Pizzuto, G. B. Righetti, F. Romanelli, The FTU Team

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 45 / Number 3 / May 2004 / Pages 297-302

Technical Paper / Frascati Tokamak Upgrade (FTU) /

The Frascati Tokamak Upgrade (FTU) has been operating for more than 12 yr since its first plasma in 1990 and has played an important role in several aspects of the tokamak research. As the first paper of this special issue containing papers on all aspects of FTU, this paper briefly summarizes the main dates, the general description of the facility, the objectives, and the major achievements in FTU.

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