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Edge-Plasma Behavior in the Asymmetric Region of Minimum-B Anchor Cell in the Gamma10 Tandem Mirror

M. K. Islam, Y. Nakashima, T. Natori, Y. Ishimoto, D. Sato, A. Wada, T. Fukasawa, K. Watanabe, T. Ogita, S. Kobayashi, I. Katanuma, K. Yatsu

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 43 / Number 1T / January 2003 / Pages 177-179

Transport and Confinement /

Published:February 8, 2018

Study of plasma shape by movable Langmuir probes at the transition region of anchor cell points out the displacement of plasma from magnetic flux tube. Measurements of edge plasma near the conducting plates indicate the ion loss through the transition regions. It is suggested that ▽B and curvature drifts are the sources of plasma displacement and ion loss. Possible ways of the improvement of GAMMA10 magnetic field configuration are discussed.

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