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Interrupting an Imminent Body Current Fault and Restoring Full Power in Milliseconds on a DIII-D National Fusion Facility Gyrotron

D. Ponce, R. Brambila, M. Cengher, Y. Gorelov, W. Grosnickle, J. Lohr, A. Torrezan

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 73 / Number 1 / January 2018 / Pages 1-4

Rapid Communication /

Received:July 31, 2017
Accepted:September 15, 2017
Published:November 29, 2017

An imminent gyrotron body current fault can now be detected and avoided in less than 10 µs using a high-resolution, real-time, high-voltage reference waveform generator with signal analyzer subroutines. The gyrotron is restarted and full power resumed in a little over 10 ms.

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