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Chapter 13: Current Drive in ASDEX Upgrade

Albrecht Stäbler, Jörg Hobirk, Fritz Leuterer, Fernando Meo, Jean-Marie Noterdaeme

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 44 / Number 3 / November 2003 / Pages 730-742

Technical Paper / ASDEX Upgrade /

External current drive (CD) is an important prerequisite for the control of the plasma current profile in advanced tokamak scenarios as well as for the development of quasi-stationary, fully noninductivly driven tokamak discharges. On ASDEX Upgrade, three heating systems, neutral beam injection, ion cyclotron resonance heating, and electron cyclotron resonance heating, are available for this purpose. The status of CD modeling and the CD capability of these systems are reviewed, and a brief overview is provided of what has been achieved experimentally with respect to CD in various discharge scenarios.

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