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The Evaluation of the Heat Loading from Steady, Transient and Off-Normal Conditions in ARIES Power Plants

C. E. Kessel, M. S. Tillack, J. P. Blanchard

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 64 / Number 3 / September 2013 / Pages 440-448

ARIES / Proceedings of the Twentieth Topical Meeting on the Technology of Fusion Energy (TOFE-2012) (Part 2) Nashville, Tennessee, August 27-31, 2012 /

The heat loading on plasma facing components (PFCs) provides a critical limitation for design and operation of the first wall, divertor, and other special components. Power plants will have high power entering the scrape-off layer and transporting to the first wall and divertor. Although the engineering design for steady heat loads is understood, characterizing the steady heat load and the approach for transient and off-normal loading is not. The characterization of heat loads developed for ITER can be applied to power plants to better develop the operating space of viable solutions and point to research focus areas.

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