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Analysis of Gases by Raman Spectroscopy: Determination of Isotopic Composition of Hydrogen Mixtures (H2, D2 and T2)

A. Godot, G. Coindet, J. C. Hubinois

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 60 / Number 3 / October 2011 / Pages 998-1001

Measurement, Monitoring, and Accountancy / Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on Tritium Science and Technology /

The Raman spectroscopy is a very attractive method for real time, in-situ process monitoring and control in a tritium facility. From the viewpoint of safety and inventory of the tritium, the Raman spectroscopy allows the content of tritium in different points on a process to be measured. It's a dynamic measurement with a short analytical period. Coupled with fiber optics, a Raman spectrometer allows on-line analysis of a tritiated process in a glove box with the spectrometer exterior to the glove box. This method should be applied to isotopic analysis of gas mixtures. The experimental results show that this technique is suitable for qualitative and quantitative analysis of tritiated gas mixtures.

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