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Ion Cyclotron Wall Conditioning (ICWC) on KSTAR

Dong Su Lee, Suk-Ho Hong, Sungwoo Kim, Kwang-Pyo Kim, Sun-Ho Kim, Jong-Su Kim, Sun-Jung Wang, Woong-Chae Kim, Kap-Rai Park, Jong-Gu Kwak, and KSTAR Team

Fusion Science and Technology / Volume 60 / Number 1T / July 2011 / Pages 94-97

Ion Cyclotron Wall Conditioning (ICWC) has been performed in KSTAR. Fuel retention and removal, impurity removal have been investigated in a dedicated session. By varying pressure (mixture rate) and duty cycle, parameter study has been done. An average hydrogen retention rate of ~2 × 1020 H/sec is measured. The ratio of Himplanted/Dpumped is found to be ~5-15 depending on the operation conditions. Other impurity removal rate is of the order of ~1016-1017 molecules/sec. It is shown that inter-shot ICWC is a powerful tool for superconducting tokamaks like KSTAR and ITER.

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