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Becoming an ANS Speaker

ANS members who are already active locally and would like to share their outreach experiences are encouraged to contact the ANS Outreach department. ANS has created a simple form to record contact information of community leaders with whom scientists and engineers discuss the benefits and value of nuclear science and technology. It can be found and completed at

When notified, ANS can supply additional materials to help members conduct local outreach. Many of these outreach tools can be found at public information resources. Materials are free to members and larger quantities are available through the ANS store.

To become a member of the Speakers Bureau, please contact the Outreach Department directly at 708-579-8224.

ANS Speakers Bureau - Clear Thinking on Nuclear

The American public learns about science in many different ways. The ANS Speakers Bureau provides connections that allow nuclear professionals to offer their perspectives to the public.

The ANS Speakers Bureau consists of members of the Society who have committed to participate in public education activities. They put themselves on the ANS call list for classroom visits, speaking engagements and media interviews.

By taking questions from journalists, broadcasters, school groups, and civic organizations, Speakers Bureau members share their expertise. They help the public to make informed decisions by conveying facts about nuclear science and technology. Nearly 200 ANS members in 38 states currently respond to ANS requests, maintaining the commitment of ANS members to educate the public on nuclear concerns.

Learning Locally

Speakers Bureau members respond to inquiries fielded by ANS Outreach staff. Requests for information and for presenters come from a variety of organizations including media outlets, civic groups, schools, and other associations. But often ANS Speakers Bureau members' efforts do not stop there. Members also take initiative themselves to reach out to the communities close to where they live and work to answer questions and provide valuable information.

The Society facilitates the Speakers Bureau by collecting requests and helps to connect organizations to the specialists in our membership who can address the topics of interest.

Topics include:

  • Aerospace Nuclear Science and Technology
  • Biology and Medicine
  • Careers in Nuclear Engineering and Science
  • Construction of Nuclear Plants
  • Food Irradiation
  • Fuel Cycle and Waste Management
  • Future Energy Needs
  • Human Factors
  • Medical Benefits of Nuclear
  • Nuclear Energy and the Environment
  • Nuclear Safety and Security
  • Radiation
  • Storage Options for Nuclear Wastes
  • Transportation Safety and Storage Issues
  • Yucca Mountain Suitability

This service is available free of charge. Once the introduction is made, the host organization and the speaker may clarify additional details apart from the Society.

Requesting a Speaker

To identify an appropriate speaker for your event, please provide the date, time, and place of the event and what specific topic or profession you would like represented. For the privacy of our members, direct contact information for speakers is not available until a speaker is confirmed.

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