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Dear ANS members,

Today, I request that you join ANS in its effort to reach out to policy makers and opinion shapers.

You joined a professional society because you recognized the benefits of membership. With your help, we will enhance those benefits by adding to the visibility and relevance of ANS.

As you introduce yourself to your community's leaders, ANS will work nationally to coordinate your efforts with those of other members. This is the way to achieve maximum impact and influence the future of nuclear in the United States.

What You Can Do
August is the Congressional recess when our elected officials come home to spend time with their families and constituents. When your members of Congress are back home that month, I urge you to schedule a time to meet your elected representatives or their staff.

Elected officials rely on voters in their districts to dialogue with them in order to establish the priorities of their voters. The time you invest will make you a resource to policy makers and the staff that support them. The relationships we cultivate with individuals outside the nuclear industry will enable us to ensure that nuclear issues are understood and practical decisions are made in the future.

The Benefits of Involvement
As a result of your exchange with elected officials, you will learn about what concerns they have regarding nuclear science. You can introduce them to the resources ANS offers and establish a relationship that personalizes nuclear science and technology. You can demonstrate that smart, capable, committed professionals believe that nuclear is the right choice.

ANS provides an online form that you can quickly complete to document your visit and report on issues your colleagues may want to address when they schedule meetings with their representatives.

As scientists, engineers, and researchers, we know the capabilities of nuclear science and technology. As professionals, we see their future benefits. As neighbors, voters, and community members, we develop personal relationships with others who come to value our knowledge and opinions. In a coordinated initiative, our relationships can influence the future of nuclear.

Over the upcoming months, I will work through ANS to help members connect with leaders outside our profession to help them understand the science, opportunities, and realities of nuclear science and technology. Please join this Grassroots program and receive valuable communications materials, fact sheets, and updates on ANS outreach efforts.

Larry R. Foulke
ANS President 2003-2004

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