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Few people question the fundamental differences between the cultures of science and journalism. While researchers and engineers spend years exploring a single topic, journalists strive to learn and write on complicated issues within a matter of hours or days. Recognizing some of the characteristics of this culture clash may make your interactions with members of the media more effective.

ANS seeks to help its members tell their stories. Advances in nuclear science and technology seldom get the attention over the controversies to be covered. Media coverage that reflects technical debates among scientists illustrates to the public a convoluted and contradictory understanding of nuclear science. The public asks, "if the experts don't agree, what should I think?" But consensus does exist on many issues.

Are You Media Savvy?

An easy way to develop your media savvy is to follow newspaper coverage on nuclear issues. Consider the following trends:

  • Who is writing on subjects you are familiar with?
  • What issues deserve more attention??
  • What themes come through the coverage?

ANS offers a Nuclear Headlines service. Nuclear Headlines are designed to deliver the most pertinent headlines relating the nuclear industry directly to your email account. Interested members should go to the following URL in the members' section to sign up:

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