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Nuclear Energy Leadership Act Introduced

Senators Murkowski (R-AK) and Booker (D-NJ) introduced S.3422, the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act (NELA) to the Senate. The bill is a package of measures designed to re-establish global nuclear leadership, including advanced nuclear research & development goals, funding for a versatile fast-neutron source, and the re-authorization of the Integrated University Program.

To reestablish global leadership, the U.S. must have a healthy nuclear industry capable of designing and deploying the most advanced reactor concepts in the world at a competitive price.

Achieving this requires a robust public-private partnership between our leading research institutions and our best industry innovators. However, that requires legislative action to accelerate the path to market for advanced reactors, which is why the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act is so timely.

It is time to launch a nuclear partnership that moves the U.S. back into first place. This partnership must be based on audacious, yet attainable goals for demonstrating advanced reactor concepts; allow the federal government to be an early adopter of commercialized technologies, when appropriate; provide the scientific research facilities that industry needs; break down fuel availability barriers when the market cannot; and train the next generation of nuclear scientists who will lead the U.S. to a brighter energy future — one that is more affordable, more technologically diverse, safer, and more proliferation-resistant.

ANS President John Kelly said, "The American Nuclear Society applauds Senator Murkowski and Senator Booker on their introduction of the Nuclear Energy Leadership Act. NELA is an important step forward in supporting development of the U.S. advanced reactor technology portfolio and the nuclear engineering workforce. The American Nuclear Society is pleased to support this legislation as advanced reactors play a crucial role in the long-term production of clean, reliable energy.

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