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ANS Dedicates World-Class Isotope Development Center as Nuclear Historic Landmark

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) honored the Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s (ORNL) Radiochemical Engineering Development Center (REDC) with the ANS Nuclear Historic Landmark Award for its over fifty years of work in isotope production, fuel cycle research and national security.

The dedication took place on May 16 at the facility in Oak Ridge Tennessee.        

“The world-class isotope research and work performed at the Radiochemical Engineering Development Center has helped fulfill Glenn Seaborg’s vision of producing  usable quantities of rare transuranium elements and isotopes that were never before available to the research community and industry. In doing so, this facility has made significant contributions to the medical industry national security, nuclear waste reduction, and space exploration,” said ANS President Bob Coward.

The facility is a multipurpose radiochemical processing and research facility that  produces a rare transuranium element isoptope but REDC’s primary mission areas currently include the production of 238Pu for use in radioisotope power systems for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, expanding the availability of isotopes for use in targeted alpha therapies in cancer treatment, expanding the availability of transcurium elements (Cf, Bk, Es, Fm) for industrial and research applications, and providing isotopes and expertise to support industrial applications as well as national security and nuclear nonproliferation programs.

REDC-produced isotopes include on-line monitoring of coal, cement, and other materials; analysis of fissile and transuranic material waste; radiography; and detection of explosive residues at airport security checkpoints,

The American Nuclear Society established the National Historic Landmark Award 32 years ago to commemorate nuclear facilities that have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments, which were instrumental in the advancement and implementation of nuclear technology and the peaceful use of nuclear science.

The dedication plaque in the foreground with Alan Icenhour, associate laboratory director for the Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate at ORNL, offering his insight into the impact of REDC during the ceremony.

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