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New Grant Open to All ANS Members

Do you have an idea that could make a difference in the nuclear community but don't have the funds to execute it?

The ANS Operations & Power Division is excited to offer all ANS members the opportunity toapply for funds to support a new ANS product, program, or activity that will help the Society achieve the following:

  1. Develop the professional skills and knowledge of ANS members
  2. Advance nuclear science and technology through collaboration and outreach
  3. Meet the needs of ANS utility and supplier members
  4. Engage the public
  5. Engage policymakers

Members are encouraged to be creative, think outside the box, and to not restrict ideas based on dollar amount. All ideas will be considered. While this is a pilot grant program for 2017-2018, your participation, activities, and enthusiasm will help in allocating funds for future years.

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