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ANS President Bob Coward on V.C. Summer Units 2&3

ANS President Bob Coward had the following statement regarding the announcement on July 31, to halt construction on Units 2&3 at the V.C. Summer plant in Fairfield County, South Carolina.

The decision to stop construction on V.C. Summer Units 2&3 is very unfortunate for everyone involved, including our country. Our energy and national security rely on a healthy and expanding nuclear power program. It is essential for the U.S. to maintain its global leadership in nuclear energy technology, and that comes through advances in nuclear technology, not ending projects.

Nuclear power is the silent foundation of our country’s clean energy mix, producing large-scale power cleanly and with no greenhouse gas emission. We must make strategic decisions regarding our energy future. That includes sustaining the existing fleet of reactors while making future advanced technologies a reality. ANS will continue to advocate for policies that recognize the critical benefits of nuclear energy and the expansion of nuclear research and development.

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