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DOE Awards Nuclear Energy R&D Funds

Tracy Marc|

The Department of Energy recently announced it will award close to $67 million for 85 projects to advance nuclear energy research and technology development.

- $31 million to 32 university-led nuclear energy research and development projects under the DOE's Nuclear Energy
  University Program
- Nineteen universities will also receive $6 million in grants to provide safety, performance and student education-related
  upgrades to some of the nation’s 25 university research reactors
- $11 million will go to three integrated research projects that aim to address technical issues facing key mission objectives
  of the office of nuclear energy
- Fourteen projects of national laboratory, university and industry teams will get $10 million in facility access costs and
  expertise to study nuclear fuel and material applications
- Six of the 14 projects will be given a total of $2.3 million in research funds
- $6 million to six research and development initiatives led by national laboratories, industry and universities to explore ways
  to address crosscutting nuclear energy challenges

The funds stem from the Nuclear Energy University Program, Nuclear Science User Facilities and Nuclear Energy Enabling Technologies programs that support research and development of nuclear technologies.

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