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NuScale Applies for first SMR license with U.S. NRC

Tracy Marc|

NuScale Power applied for the first license for their advanced Small-Modular Reactor (SMR) technology making them  the first SMR developer to enter the full licence review process in the U.S.  The 12,000 page Design Certification Application (DCA) was officially delivered to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on January 12.

The NRC application review process is expected to take more than three years at a cost of $45 million to NuScale.

The energy company began the pre-application process in July 2008 and has had continuing discussions with the NRC since 2008, providing for greater NRC design familiarity with this innovative design.

The pre-application process has included:
- Over 65 presentations to the NRC
- An additional 21 pre-application engagements in 2016
- Topical reports that were submitted up to 2016
- Engagement with the NRC on topics such as safety analysis, nuclear fuel, test programs, seismic analysis,
  and control room staffing

Features of the NuScale Power Module are no reactor coolant pumps, no external steam generator vessels, and no large-bore reactor coolant piping. This new technology has a lower fabrication cost, install, operate, maintain and decommission, thereby reducing the life-cycle cost to produce energy while lowering operational risk.

NuScale project overview

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