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Hansen, Pritzker and Shellenberger Visit Illinois to Save Nuclear Energy

Illinois has eleven reactors that generate 48.4 percent of the state’s electricity while emitting no greenhouse gases. As the state with the most reactors in the U.S., Illinois is at risk of having some of their plants shut down well before their useful lifespan is up.  

In 2015, ANS formed the Special Committee on Nuclear in the States to provide information to state policymakers on the benefits of new nuclear energy facilities planning and retention of existing facilities. The committee created the Nuclear in the States Toolkit, Version 1.0 to catalog policies related to new and existing nuclear reactors for state policymakers to consider as they draft compliance strategies. Illinois is one of five states the committee has prioritized in its goal of supporting retention of the existing U.S. nuclear reactor fleet.

On April 4-5, environmental scientist James Hansen, Illinois philanthropist Rachel Pritzker and environmental policyexpert Michael Shellenberger will be presenting the case for saving and expanding nuclear power in Illinois.

The team’s presentation will take place on the evening of April 4, at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University explaining why nuclear is an important source of energy for the world. Attendees may also participate in dialogue and ask questions of the presenters.

Save the Nukes Public Event, 7 pm - 8 pm
Medill School, Northwestern University downtown campus
303 East Wacker, Chicago

- Welcome by Abigail Foerstner, Chair of News Reporting at NWU
- Rachel Pritzker on Why Illinois Matters
- James Hansen presents Nuclear for People Present and Future
- Michael Shellenberger talks about How We Save Nuclear

The next day the team will tour the Clinton Nuclear Generating Station from 11:30-12:30 to talk with workers of the plant.



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