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U.S. Role in Global Nuclear Energy Highlights 2014 ANS Annual Meeting

ANS members from across the world to gather in Reno, NV

The role that the United States will play in the global nuclear energy enterprise highlights many of the discussions that will take place at the 2014 American Nuclear Society (ANS) Annual Meeting in Reno, Nevada from June 15-19, 2014. 

For many years, the U.S. has led the development and deployment of nuclear power worldwide, and technology developed in the States is used throughout the globe. Invited speakers will explore the expectation for this to continue and what forces in the U.S. impact this in the future. The meeting will also highlight current policy matters surrounding the nuclear fuel cycle and the utilization of a geological repository. 

“Our Annual Meeting provides the opportunity for our diverse membership of nuclear science and technology professionals to have serious discussions about the future of all nuclear applications in the United States,” says ANS President Donald R. Hoffman. “These discussions will affect the research and professional work of our members in areas such as medicine, agriculture, energy, utilities, and will impact how we can influence public policy around nuclear science and technology.”

The conference features sessions covering a wide range of topics including decommissioning and remote systems, nuclear fuels and structural materials for next generation nuclear reactors, advances in thermal hydraulics, among many other topics.


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