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Nuclear Highlighted for Sustainability for Earth Day 2014

Sustainable development focused on meeting needs of future generations

Nuclear science and technology is being highlighted for its contributions to sustainable development for Earth Day 2014.

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) has released a brochure, “Sustainable Solutions for our World”, outlining the impact that nuclear science and technology has made to our quality of life. The brochure outlines how nuclear technology has worked to develop the energy needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. 

Nuclear power plants have lowered the demand on fossil fuels, which preserve future resources for future development. Additionally, nuclear power plants have made use of less land area when compared to other non-carbon and carbon-neutral energy options. Due to the stringent regulations that currently govern nuclear technology; the majority of environmental and waste costs are internalized.

To learn about other contributions that nuclear science and technology has made, “Sustainable Solutions for our World” is available at the ANS Store today.


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