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Dr. Chang Oh Receives Technical Achievement Award

Will be recognized posthumously with award at 2013 ANS Winter Meeting

Tracy Marc|

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) recognizes Dr. Chang Oh as the recipient of the 2013 Technical Achievement Award.

Dr. Oh was a leading engineer at the Idaho National Laboratory for 27 years, and became widely known for his research on safety analysis of air ingress using computational fluid dynamics methods in the high temperature gas-cooled nuclear reactor. He also served as a Fellow and division chair with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Dr. Oh received his doctorate degree in chemical engineering at Washington State University, as well as his master’s degree in chemical engineering from the University of Florida. He received many accolades during his career including the Idaho National Laboratory Director’s Award for Exceptional Engineering Achievement in 2010.

Theresa Oh, the wife of the late Dr. Oh, will be presented with the at the 2013 ANS Winter Meeting in Washington, D.C. on November 11th, 2013.

The Technical Achievement Award is the highest award given by the Thermal Hydraulics Division of ANS. The Technical Achievement Award is based on a major contribution to the state of the art, an important publication, a major technical achievement, or a sustained record of accomplishment and technical excellence in the art or science of thermal hydraulics.

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