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ANS President to Serve on Nuclear Energy Authority

Governor Bob McDonnell (VA) Makes Appointments for new Board

Tracy Marc|

LaGrange Park, IL – Late last week, Governor Bob McDonnell of Virginia appointed American Nuclear Society (ANS) President Donald R. Hoffman to the Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium Authority.

“I am pleased to be a part of this important new Board,” said Hoffman of the appointment. “I look forward to helping the Consortium to realize its goal of making Virginia a leader in nuclear.”

This body was formed by legislation that passed earlier this year. The 17-member Authority’s first charge is to form the Consortium itself. The Virginia Nuclear Energy Consortium will be a member organization open to educational institutions, laboratories, and others related to researching and developing nuclear energy.

“I am passionate about nuclear science and technology. I have lived this my whole life,” commented Hoffman, “and I see every day how tapping into the peaceful use of the atom has improved our quality of life. I look forward to my participation on the Board.”

Hoffman is the current elected President of the American Nuclear Society, a non-profit professional society for engineers, scientists, and others learning and working in the field of nuclear science and technology. Hoffman is also the President and CEO of his own company, Excel Services Corporation, a consulting firm that provides regulatory and engineering resolution services throughout the nuclear industry. He holds a BS in nuclear science and engineering and has been involved in the nuclear industry his entire career.

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