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ANS Commends President Obama for Including Nuclear Energy in Climate Plan

Tracy Marc|
Members look forward to involvement in climate and energy dialogue

The American Nuclear Society applauds President Obama's desire to address climate change and welcomes the opportunity to participate in the dialogue about implementing his newly released plan. Highlighting the importance of continued growth in clean energy, President Obama on Tuesday unveiled a U.S. climate action plan that includes the continued use and development of nuclear energy, an essential component to climate policy. The American Nuclear Society supports continued investment in nuclear energy and its critical role in reducing global carbon-dioxide emissions.

In his plan, the President acknowledged that some 40% of carbon emissions in the U.S. currently comes from its power plants. The American Nuclear Society notes that virtually none of these emissions are from nuclear power plants. In his speech announcing the climate action plan, the President made early reference to Generation III+ reactors under construction in Georgia and South Carolina as well as other "emerging nuclear technologies."

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, nuclear energy produces 19 percent of U.S. electricity and is its leading source of emission-free electricity. Nuclear energy provides over 12 percent of the world's electricity with virtually zero carbon emissions.

The President's plan also continues the administration's commitment to promote nuclear energy worldwide by extending international agreements on safety, training, research and development, nonproliferation, and other important issues.

The American Nuclear Society notes that continued and expanded use of nuclear energy will be essential in any effective climate action plan and looks forward to opportunity to participate in dialogue with the Administration and Congress toward supporting the President's goal to reduce emissions.

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