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Joyce Connery, Others Receive American Nuclear Society Presidential Citations; Society Annual Meeting Kicks Off with a Look at Challenges Nuclear Energy Faces

Linda Zec|

Joyce Connery, director Nuclear Energy Policy in the Office of International Economics of the National Security Council, received a Presidential Citation from American Nuclear Society (ANS) President Michael Corradini, PhD. Connery received the citation for excellence in communication and collaboration between the various instrumentalities of the federal government and the nuclear community aimed at strengthening U.S. nuclear safety, security and trade policies.

Leslie Barbour, director Legislative Programs at the Nuclear Energy Institute, also received a Presidential Citation. Barbour received her citation for serving as an effective facilitator and communicator between the nuclear science and engineering academic community and the nuclear industry in developing ongoing outreach to policy makers and other stakeholders on the importance of nuclear energy and its benefit to society.

"I believe that communication and collaboration are key, if humanity is to fully realize the benefits of nuclear science and technology," said Corradini. "Both Joyce and Leslie have shown leadership and insight as they build these collaborations and help increase awareness and understanding of nuclear energy."

Connery, Barbour, and several others were presented on Monday, June 17, 2013 during the opening plenary of the ANS 2013 Annual Meeting being held in Atlanta, Georgia. The opening plenary was a panel moderated by Southern Nuclear Operating Company top executive Steven Kuczynski, who was also the general chair of the meeting.

Kuczynski commented that "The U.S. has great technologies coming available and the environment in which we operate has become increasingly complex." His panel had notable speakers who shared their views on the challenges and prospects in nuclear energy including Commissioner Kristine Svinicki of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Daniel Roderick of Westinghouse, Edward Moses of Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Frank Helin of Generation mPower, and Eugene Grecheck of Dominion Generation.

The opening plenary was to offer insights into the prospects and challenges for the nuclear energy sector. Kuczynski added that he "hoped attendees got a sense of how attendees might bring new innovations to service and continue the important role nuclear provides in our nation's energy mix."

More than 700 engineers, scientists, and other professionals are assembled in Atlanta this week to receive the latest presentations in all areas of nuclear science and technologies including power, safety, medical applications, and more.

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