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ANS Exhibits at the second USA Science & Engineering Festival

Welcome to the American Nuclear Society web page created just for you to learn more about nuclear science and technology!

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) was a proud, platinum sponsor for the second USA Science & Engineering Festival, April 28-29, at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington DC. Visitors received a colorful bookmark and brochure to remind them of their visit to the ANS booth.

The Festival showcased science and engineering at their very best providing unique opportunities to learn how science and engineering improve our lives and how we can use our own creative ideas and talents to make our world the best it can be.

During the exhibit, ANS, a membership society for students and professionals in nuclear science and technology, demonstrated how we live in a radioactive world. This page gives you additional information about the science, applications and careers.

If you attended the Festival.we hope you enjoyed your day and thank you for learning more about nuclear science and technology on the ANS web page.

For educators who would like hands-on demonstrations for the classroom, they are available at the teachers web page.

Have fun and thank you for visiting our web site.

American Nuclear Society Outreach Department


We hope this page makes you curious to learn more about science and engineering.

Things to know . . .

How is nuclear science and technology used in everyday life? In fact, give me a sample of "A Day with the Atom".

What is the natural reactor located in Oklo, Gabon, Africa?

What does it take to become a nuclear engineer? What do nuclear scientists and engineers do all day? What if I want to be a technician and work in the nuclear field?

If I'm looking for universities and opportunities for scholarships, where do I find a list of institutions?

My class is studying nuclear science and technology, do you have something for me to use in my search for information?

Activities. . .

You can use the interactive Radiation Dose Chart to estimate your annual dose from natural and other sources.

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