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American Nuclear Society announces appointment of new Executive Director

Linda Zec|
New Direction Inaugurates New Era at ANS

LaGrange Park, IL — February 6,2012— The American Nuclear Society (ANS) Board of Directors has selected Robert C. Fine, JD, CAE as the Society's new Executive Director, ANS President Eric P. Loewen announced today. "We're in a new era in the nuclear science and technology community. Today's appointment of Bob Fine demonstrates our recognition that we are committed to be a part of this new direction," said Loewen.

Interim Executive Director Roger Tilbrook noted, "I am confident of forward progress, as Bob Fine will be able to increase our expertise as a professional society and so increase our relevance to all the groups we reach: policy makers, schoolchildren, the general public, and of course, our own nuclear science and technology community."

Bob Fine has over twenty years of association management experience. He most recently served as Director of Subspecialty Societies for the American Society of Anesthesiologists. Bob is a "Certified Association Executive" — one of the most prestigious credentials in the association profession. He is also a licensed attorney, having received his Juris Doctorate from the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago-Kent College of Law.

When asked about the appointment, ANS Treasurer Michaele (Mikey) Brady Raap said, "The American Nuclear Society is the responsible steward for the nuclear community. In that role we have raised $2,750,000 for our new Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information and more than $241,000 for the ANS Japanese Relief Fund. The experience that Bob Fine brings to ANS will assure we have the infrastructure and controls to execute these responsibilities with the integrity and efficiency our constituencies expect."

Loewen concluded, "One of my chief goals when I became President last June was to establish a process to identify our new executive director. I am pleased that the Society Board of Directors worked together to fill the position, and we're excited about the prospects for the future."

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