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Executive Director Jack Tuohy to leave ANS and join Hitachi

Linda Zec|
Rejoins Industry to Support Fukushima Efforts

John ("Jack") P. Tuohy, Jr., Executive Director of the American Nuclear Society ("ANS"), plans to join Hitachi Power Systems America ("Hitachi"), ANS President Joe F. Colvin announced today. "ANS is grateful to Jack for the passion and energy that he brought to the Society over the past 2 ½ years. When Jack was hired, we tasked him with proposing initiatives to ensure that the Society would be relevant and nimble as we tackled the challenges of the 21st Century. The initiatives that were started during his term prepared the society to be a leader in communicating accurate and factual information to the public during the most recent disaster in Japan," said Colvin.

During his tenure at ANS, Tuohy and the Board of Directors developed a number of initiatives to better serve the needs of its members. One major initiative was the fundraising campaign in support of launching the Center for Nuclear Science and Technology Information. Through this campaign, ANS raised over $2,750,000 to date from major industry donors to support the Center in conducting ANS Outreach activities on a breadth and scale that was not previously possible. Initiatives regarding social media engagement, electronic elections, and green publishing alternatives have also been undertaken.

Hitachi plans to engage Jack in its worldwide efforts to deploy advanced nuclear technologies. He will also assist Hitachi in its efforts to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake and tsunami that led to the incident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in March 2011. Previously, Jack played an important role during the recovery efforts at Three Mile Island and also started a radiological decommissioning business for IDM Corp. These skills will be important in his new position. He will join Hitachi at the beginning of July 2011 and will be based in Basking Ridge, NJ.

In describing his departure and his future, Tuohy said, "I have a lot of friends at Hitachi and all across the nuclear science and technology community; I genuinely felt that transferring my skills to this important effort was the right thing to do, both for me and for the future of nuclear energy. I will miss my friends among the staff and membership of ANS, but I will continue to be involved in this great society."

In closing, Colvin said, "We wish Jack well in all his future endeavors and we're confident that the role he will play at Hitachi will be beneficial to all of us."

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