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American Nuclear Society releases report on Small and Medium Sized Reactor Licensing Issues

The American Nuclear Society (ANS) today released the Report of the President's Special Committee on Small and Medium Sized Reactor (SMR) Licensing Issues. The Society has taken a leadership role in addressing the SMR licensing issues because the licensing and eventual deployment of SMRs will lead to:
  • job creation
  • export of U.S. goods and services
  • benefits to national security and energy policy
  • reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.
The SMR Report is available via the ANS website by clicking here.

Recognizing the potential for SMRs to change the social and energy supply paradigms, ANS Immediate Past President Tom Sanders established the ANS President's Special Committee on SMR Generic Licensing Issues (SMR Special Committee) in 2010. The SMR Special Committee led the nuclear science and engineering community in organizing a forum for technical dialogue on SMR licensing issues.

President Sanders directed the SMR Special Committee to develop solutions to SMR generic licensing issues by being
  • issue driven and focused on technology neutral solutions
  • inclusive with crosscutting participation from ANS members with every SMR perspective
  • collaborative with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the Nuclear Energy Institute (NEI), the
  • Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and
  • other SMR programs.
The SMR Special Committee leadership was provided by the following Society Members:
  • Philip Moor, High Bridge Associates
  • John Kelly, Sandia National Laboratories
  • Charles Hess, The Shaw Group
  • Michael Corradini, University of Wisconsin
  • Ross Radel, Sandia National Laboratories.
Looking forward, ANS is clearly part of the SMR future. The excellent work by very talented and enthusiastic Society members has produced eight white papers. The SMR Special Committee will continue preparing white papers and collaborating with industry and government organizations such as NEI, EPRI, IAEA, DOE, Next Generation Nuclear Plant (NGNP), and others.
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