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ANS issues statement on GNEP

This statement is being made on behalf of the American Nuclear Society. As a non-profit membership organization, the American Nuclear Society represents the dedication of the more than 10,500 engineers, scientists, educators and other nuclear professionals. Our members volunteer their time and talents in the use, research and development of nuclear science and technology to improve our day to day lives.

ANS serves as a resource for scientific, technological and policy issues. The Society's position is one of support for responsible global expansion of peaceful nuclear energy. Because of environmental advantages, nuclear energy is being considered around the world by policymakers as a component in a national energy portfolio. For expansion at the levels being considered, a nuclear fuel cycle that enhances energy security and sustainability while promoting nonproliferation must be created. These actions are envisioned by the Global Nuclear Energy Partnership (GNEP) program.

In the U.S. nuclear power already provides more than 20 percent of our nation's electricity. Building nuclear research and recycling facilities makes sense as we prepare to make nuclear one cornerstone of our secure energy future.

The Society also supports GNEP's international initiatives that address proliferation by ensuring the U.S. would work with partnering nations to develop proliferation-resistant recycling technologies and supply fuel services to those that refrain from making their own nuclear fuel. We think that such assurances can help reduce the spread of sensitive nuclear technologies.

Transitioning to GNEP and ensuring an advanced fuel cycle research facility, a nuclear fuel recycling center and an advanced recycling reactor in an era of expanded nuclear deployment will enhance resource utilization, radioactive waste management, and safeguards around the world.

Harry A. Bradley
Executive Director
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Outreach Department|708-579-8224
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